Human & Social Sciences

Studying a programme in the human or social sciences can open the door to a wide range of interesting and diverse careers. Whether you specialise in criminology or early childhood, our School of Human and Social Sciences offers exciting learning opportunities that give you the skills, contacts and experience to get ahead in today’s workplace.

We offer degree and master’s programmes that support the workforce in the public, independent and voluntary sectors in the following areas: Education and early years, Human performance, sport, and exercise, Psychology, Social sciencesWe support a range of organisations and contribute to community agendas around ageing, participation in sport and meeting future workforce needs.Our team also work closely with industry on a diverse range of areas, from human performance to social sciences. So, whatever challenge you’re facing, we have the knowledge to help.

Our sport and psychology expertise cover:

  • Sport therapy
  • Physiology and fitness testing
  • Sport nutrition
  • Biomechanics – 3D motion capture and analysis
  • Sport sociology and coaching (gender, identity, disability and volunteering)
  • Positive psychology and coaching psychology
  • Leadership
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI) & Mental Toughness (MTQ48) and inclusive leadership.

We’ve also carried out research on:

  • Gypsy, traveller and Roma
  • Homelessness
  • Policy/Health
  • Community engagement methodologies
  • Emergent expertise in migration support/service planning
  • Collaborative research methodologies
  • Bereavement care and support.

As well as running local groups, we’re a trustee for Caraline, a charity working with eating disorders, and deliver CPD training for British Psychological Society Stage 2 trainees (sport psychology).