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What We Stand for

Being a responsible organisation is important to us, and we focus on three key areas:

  • delivering against our mission as a civic University, by engaging with communities in Buckinghamshire and elsewhere.
  • engaging effectively with business, actively contributing to the local and national industrial strategies and to economic growth within the region.
  • minimising the environmental impact of our estate by setting new targets to meet the highest standards around energy, waste and travel.

The most direct beneficiaries of our positive impact are our highly diverse community of undergraduate and postgraduate students. They choose our University for a sector-leading and life-changing education which is designed to deliver excellent employment outcomes.

We support tens of thousands of regional jobs with significant beneficial impact to the region, reflecting the economic activity of our students, staff, and alumni. Our students also work in and support many key local industries, including the vitally important health and social care sector.

We’re committed to fairness in our policies, practises and procedures. We act responsibly in our approach to the environment, social responsibilities and on sustainable development. We take seriously our duties as a centre of learning, community neighbour, partner and employer.

The University has adopted the following definitions:

  • Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Expression is defined as “the freedom to express ideas, beliefs and views without suffering adverse consequences”.
  • Academic Freedom is defined as an academic member of staff’s “freedom within the law and within their field of expertise to question and test received wisdom, and to put forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions, without placing themselves at risk of being adversely affected by loss of their jobs or privileges at the University or the likelihood of their securing promotion or different jobs at the provider being reduced”. This is detailed in the University’s Contract of Employment.